Z-TECH : Your Local Information Technology Support Team

Z-TECH understands that technology is critical to your business.
We are Boston's most experienced IT solutions provider -- helping small and mid-size businesses proactively support and manage their IT infrastructure for nearly two decades. Every business has unique needs; we take a personalized approach to IT management by providing a highly-trained and experienced team you can trust for urgent issues, pro-active support and project planning. [ Learn more ]

Z-TECH is committed to eliminating downtime.
Our remote support, network auditing and monitoring services help you identify and address small problems before they become large ones. You also get an automated "attendant" that scans various components of your network and provides an alert should a problem be detected. It also provides on-going review of your network to help us assess network health and make proactive improvements. [ Learn more ]

Z-TECH helps you make choices that are right for your company's growth
Our IT Solutions Team will meet with you and your staff to assess your computing needs based on your short and long-term business goals and budget guidelines. Our goal is to leverage your existing technology investment, target your specific needs and minimize disruption of your business activities before you undertake a technology change. [ Learn more ]

        ZTECH is a Microsoft Certified Partner

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"I've always received professional, competent top-notch engineers from Z-TECH. I've always been impressed by their creative approach to problem-solving and prompt resolutions to complex issues."

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