Our Process

THE Z-TECH PROCESS: Our structured integration process ensures seamless project management and expert implementations for clients. We assess, design, build, integrate and support your infrastructure to allow you to focus your attention on your business opportunities, not your operational hurdles.

Step 1: Discovery
We will perform a Business Technology Review to assess your technology needs based on your short- and long-term business goals and budget guidelines. We will then prepare a report that includes, for example:

Step 2: Design
A Z-TECH account manager and engineer will meet with you to discuss the findings and recommendations of the Business Technology Review. Together, we will develop an implementation plan that takes into account budget, scheduling, and installation logistics.

Z-TECH then projects the number of hours, timeline and investment necessary to proceed with the applicable phase of the project. A proposal outlining these items is provided for your approval.

Step 3: Implementation
A team consisting of engineers, account manager and project manager are assembled based on the expertise necessary for the specific project. Products and services are delivered and integrated directly in your office. Our goal is to leverage your existing technology investment, target your specific needs and minimize disruption of your business activities before you undertake a technology change.

Step 4: Support
Once the project is complete, Z-TECH provides supplemental staffing services as an effective and cost-saving approach to network administration, support and help desk needs. Options range from monthly maintenance calls to daily or weekly assistance and eliminate the need for in-house technical support personnel.

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