Our Products

As an authorized reseller of over 40,000 hardware and software products, we evaluate and recommend the most efficient tools and services for your organization. Our product recommendations are based on industry standards as well as our in-house knowledge of reliability, compatibility and robustness.


Data Security and Disaster Recovery

We offer many different solutions to ensure that your data is secure and accessible only to your team. We will set up a Datto incremental backup system to allow you to restore your network to a specific point in time in case of a ransomware attack or other disaster. Furthermore, we have extensive experience with drive-level encryption software to ensure that your company's intellectual property never reaches the wrong hands.



Choosing desktop and networking hardware for your IT infrastructure can be intimidating; there are many questions to consider before making a purchase. Is the hardware reliable? Is there a warranty? Will it work compatibly with the rest of your infrastructure?

Having deployed thousands of desktops, laptops, routers, network switches, servers, etc.  our IT account managers will help make appropriate recommendations for your team. 


Network Security

Network security is a critical component to your business; in addition to strong end point protection using anti-virus software, DNS filtering and health monitoring, we believe in strong perimeter protection and visibility inside your network including advanced firewall services and security information eventlog monitoring.


Online Identity

Everyone from employers to business owners to our next customer is on google searching for jobs, service, and products. The internet is especially useful as it offers business owners access to a worldwide and targeted audience much faster and much more easily. 

We can help your potential clients feel secure while navigating your websites by adding a SSL certificate from providers such as Oracle, Comodo, or RapidSSL.

If you want to take your create Online Identities for your employees and offer a simple Single-Sign On procedure, we can deploy Microsoft's Azure Cloud-Based Active Directory which would allow your employees to use one password for all different services which require a login. 

Other Single-Sign on services include Okta, OneLogin, and Centrify.


Software Suites

Many clients come to us to migrate their current MicroSoft Exchange server environment to Office 365.  We are a Microsoft cloud-certified provider and have assisted many organizations with successful migrations.  In addition, we offer other cloud-based solutions for Azure, AWS, Adobe, etc.

Uniting the Team

 Many companies are looking for innovative ways of optimizing a remote  or hybrid workforce.  Z-TECH can help your company implement Microsoft Teams or other solutions.  Check out this training video to find out how Teams can work for you.

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